Monday, July 20, 2015

Furst Noble inspection video -

The only son of FURST HEINRICH bred and born in the U.S. and out of a most revered mare line!

NOBLE is older than most foals doing the inspections, having been born on January 1st, so doesn't have the "baby charm" of the youngsters, but he shows solid conformation with very easy, natural suspension and the supple, strong walk that his wonderful dam, DREAM RUBINA, is known for in all of her children.

The breeding lines of this colt are MADE for performance. He is the type and has the solid interior qualities that will train up the levels. With his strong hind leg, broad hocks and clear mind, he is the very type that will be a solid FEI horse at the end of the day.

DREAM RUBINA is out of my foundation mare line (1977), the mare HELENA "E" (Elite Trakehner) whose bloodlines are also a who's who of Trakehner performance, being by HERBSTSTURM - PREGEL - BORIS.  I have produced 5 licensed stallions from this mare line.
DREAM RUBINA is dam to the well respected stallion QREDIT of Hilltop Farms, himself a producer of consistent top quality offspring.... blood will tell.

This is a short clip to mark the day of inspection for entry into German Oldenburg Verband registry

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SEEKER (Sezuan x Dream Rubina) ET colt

SEEKER, new colt by SEZUAN out of DREAM RUBINA - is SOLD

There is quite a story behind this boy. 

SEEKER at TWO days of age

Last year, for the first time, I decided to offer ET babies, "in utero" from Dream Rubina. In all, there were 4 that I offered; 3 were purchased, but this breeding , by Sezuan, was fetal sexed as a "filly", and callers were somehow disappointed that it was "filly" and not "Colt". I said, "well, you never know. We have been surprised before, and I cannot guarantee that it is filly." Still, no one wanted to jump up for a filly option. So, time passed and I decided I would keep the filly, as I have no Dream Rubina replacement. 

FILLY by Sezuan x Dream Rubina born May 2nd

Yep, you got it! The one that WAS purchased, sexed as a "colt",  was a FILLY! 

I just do not keep colts any longer. 

Seeker 2 days

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One of the yearling girls... SOLD

My two well bred yearling fillies have rarely been "seen in public". They seem to grow like weeds and are never in the right frame to photo, much less video. I seldom offer yearlings for sale, but, in this case, I think it is time, as I am dwindling down my breeding operation and selling off the prize mares and fillies from my long time (41 years) of breeding.

Here we have "SELAH" ( SEZUAN - PAINTED BLACK - DONNERHALL - LEMON xx - TRAPPER!) Just a fabulous, deep pedigree, and I am proud of her genetics. 

  She was born March 14, 2014; registered and branded Westfalen and imported last December.
 She will be a very tall one, over 17 hands I'd say. 

SELAH is definitely stamped by her sire, down to the snip on his nose. Her legs are correct, very long, so she is somewhat gangly at the  moment. But she will get her power back and will be an impressive riding horse. SOLD