Monday, May 7, 2018

Skip forward to 2018!!

 Much has happened in the last year, including the fact that I have moved back home to Texas after 18 years in Florida. It has taken some sacrifice of downsizing my horse operation. I have kept some of my most special horses but will only be producing a couple of more before call a halt to a most memorable breeding program of  45 years !
 I have no riding horse prospects to offer. I have been selling everything as foals. This year I have an exceedingly well bred filly for sale at this time. Her sire is the outstanding producer VITALIS and her dam an imported mare  from Denmark by the excellent  competition stallion and renowned sire ZACK. grandsire is none other than DON SCHUFRO.
 So that is quite a pedigree for performance : VITALIS -ZACK -DON SCHUFRO -ROMANCIER -MAGO XX