Monday, August 1, 2016

Classy mare for sale from Yancey Farms

 I am offering a most special young mare,  sound, rideable ...  IN FOAL for 2017!

HEAR ME SING by Glock's Voice
out of  Tamarinde (Jazz - Matador II - Rubinstein - Welt As) What a royally bred young mare. 4 years old, thoughtfully started under saddle for 5 months and now IN FOAL  by TOTILASbelieved to be a colt - fetal sexed at 65 days. There is much to say about the quality of this young mare and success of her bloodlines. 

SINGER has 2 brothers competing in Prix St Georges and her dam was a successful competition mare, earning her Keur, with Sports Predicate with KWPN through competition in Holland and U.S.
 "SINGER" was the KWPN Reserve Champion Foal of North America in 2012.  
Now 16.2+ and still maturing.
She is sound, healthy, kind, very intelligent, no vices ... and carrying a particularly interesting colt. There are 12 Grand Prix horses in the first 4 generations of this foal. Embryo is now 140+ days... 9/8
Currently priced at $44,000 in foal.
Call for information. I am proud of her quality and of all the years I have put into producing this type of riding horse for competition in the U.S. 

1 800 867-7021 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Temptation's Twist is SOLD - Thank you for all the interest!

I am truly proud to offer such a special offspring of my unique breeding endeavors from the past 17 years. Starting in 1999 with the great grand dam of this colt, a Kiger mare, I have thoughtfully bred and improved the line to this level of quality that I now offer in 
"Temptation's Twist" ....!

What a pleasure to watch this young colt develop. I have rarely seen such hind leg quickness and activity in a baby. He will be something special under saddle, as he shows great intelligence and alertness. Here is is at 2 1/2 months of age! Imagine him as a 7 year old going down the center line in his first Prix St Georges!!

Temptation’s Twist, born Valentines Day, 2016

By Tailormade Temptation (KWPN) out of Cherokee Morning Breeze… a third generation mare of my Iberian based breeding program ( since 1999)

Temptation’s Twist has already been inspected by the jury of the German Oldenburg Verband and awarded “Foal of Distinction” for his outstanding type, conformation , and powerful movement and elasticity. His full sister from 2015 was also awarded “Foal of Distinction” and is a feminine version of this nick between Tailormade Temptation and Cherokee Morning Breeze.

 1 800 867-7021

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New photos of "Temptation's Twist" For Sale

This powerful colt just gets better and better. He is so bright and smart, with tremendous hindquarter and presence. Just look at his newest photos at 6 weeks..... and they don't even do his movement justice. He is such a special prospect and an enticing price of $9500!

Buy your future partner now and start the foundation of partnership

Saturday, March 12, 2016

OK! Time for 2016 FOALS FOR SALE! This is "Temptation's Twist" - my only foal this year!

"Temtwist" is an amazing boy. He is full sibling to the spectacular filly from last year that we called "Lil Darlin"..... and they are 2 peas in a pod. But the boy has 2 hind high socks, yet same star!

This is Lil Darlin the full sister to Temtwist, born in 2015. Photos about the same age as Twist now. From her owner: Stephanie Sitzberger "I can attest to the fantastic niche this breeding produces. The filly is sensitive, smart, brave and affectionate in temperament and breathtaking in movement. Can you tell I love her?"

And THIS is what she turned into by 2 months of age!! 
Oh, is her owner happy with her now!
She was snapped up right away by a dressage rider/trainer with future competition in mind.

There is just an undeniable, special nick with Tailormade Temptation and Cherokee Morning Breeze. 
She is a powerful mare, whose hindquarters show up in these foals. Both foals are full of movement, power and are very correct in their conformation. TemTwist will be a big horse, as is his sister. Here are more photos of TemTwist

I offer him as a most special prospect for a nominal price.  If you have interest in this big boy, please give me a call! 1 800 867-7021

Monday, July 20, 2015

Furst Noble inspection video -

The only son of FURST HEINRICH bred and born in the U.S. and out of a most revered mare line!

NOBLE is older than most foals doing the inspections, having been born on January 1st, so doesn't have the "baby charm" of the youngsters, but he shows solid conformation with very easy, natural suspension and the supple, strong walk that his wonderful dam, DREAM RUBINA, is known for in all of her children.

The breeding lines of this colt are MADE for performance. He is the type and has the solid interior qualities that will train up the levels. With his strong hind leg, broad hocks and clear mind, he is the very type that will be a solid FEI horse at the end of the day.

DREAM RUBINA is out of my foundation mare line (1977), the mare HELENA "E" (Elite Trakehner) whose bloodlines are also a who's who of Trakehner performance, being by HERBSTSTURM - PREGEL - BORIS.  I have produced 5 licensed stallions from this mare line.
DREAM RUBINA is dam to the well respected stallion QREDIT of Hilltop Farms, himself a producer of consistent top quality offspring.... blood will tell.

This is a short clip to mark the day of inspection for entry into German Oldenburg Verband registry

Sunday, July 12, 2015

SEEKER (Sezuan x Dream Rubina) ET colt

SEEKER, new colt by SEZUAN out of DREAM RUBINA - is SOLD

There is quite a story behind this boy. 

SEEKER at TWO days of age

Last year, for the first time, I decided to offer ET babies, "in utero" from Dream Rubina. In all, there were 4 that I offered; 3 were purchased, but this breeding , by Sezuan, was fetal sexed as a "filly", and callers were somehow disappointed that it was "filly" and not "Colt". I said, "well, you never know. We have been surprised before, and I cannot guarantee that it is filly." Still, no one wanted to jump up for a filly option. So, time passed and I decided I would keep the filly, as I have no Dream Rubina replacement. 

FILLY by Sezuan x Dream Rubina born May 2nd

Yep, you got it! The one that WAS purchased, sexed as a "colt",  was a FILLY! 

I just do not keep colts any longer. 

Seeker 2 days

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One of the yearling girls... SOLD

My two well bred yearling fillies have rarely been "seen in public". They seem to grow like weeds and are never in the right frame to photo, much less video. I seldom offer yearlings for sale, but, in this case, I think it is time, as I am dwindling down my breeding operation and selling off the prize mares and fillies from my long time (41 years) of breeding.

Here we have "SELAH" ( SEZUAN - PAINTED BLACK - DONNERHALL - LEMON xx - TRAPPER!) Just a fabulous, deep pedigree, and I am proud of her genetics. 

  She was born March 14, 2014; registered and branded Westfalen and imported last December.
 She will be a very tall one, over 17 hands I'd say. 

SELAH is definitely stamped by her sire, down to the snip on his nose. Her legs are correct, very long, so she is somewhat gangly at the  moment. But she will get her power back and will be an impressive riding horse. SOLD

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Colt by Fuerst Heinrich x Dream Rubina, "Fuerst Noble" for sale

Hot in that, yes, he is a sexy boy.... but HOT as in it is really HOT in Florida right now! 

Fuerst Noble by Fuerst Heinrich out of Dream Rubina (Dream of Glory - Rubinstein)

SO here is a short overview of Noble. Taken yesterday, 100+ degrees …… he will be 6 months old July 1st. That IS Dream Rubina with him.
You can see his excellent Oldenburg type, very much like Furst Heinrich, but also stamped by his good Mama. He has her big, powerful, loose walk; her very good topline; he has very good joints (substance). Like Rubina, joints are clean and strong, not heavy but proportionate to body size. I anticipate that he will have the mentality and hind leg carrying power to train up the levels and be very consistent. Can’t beat these bloodlines for willingness to work and hardiness. 

I know that he is butt high, but there just is not a perfect time to video youngsters after 3 months! 

I would love to see him have a chance at a competition career and to be able to continue the little dynasty that Dream Rubina has started. His big brother, Qredit  (Quaterback x Dream Rubina)is doing Prix St. Georges now, and HIlltop and Michael are very pleased with him and the extra quality of his collected gaits. W. Ellington in Australia continues to excel in competition and is 4th level, schooling the Prix St. Georges now. Apollo is in the good hands of JJ Tate….. so I hope that this year’s foals of Rubina can join the competition ranks someday. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Just LOOK How "Fuerst Noble" has grown into such a fine young man!

A picture is worth a thousand words...... so several photos must be worth....... what??! 

NOBLE is really developing into the young stallion prospect that I anticipated. Being by the memorable sire, FUERST HEINRICH , he had some big horseshoes to fill, but I believe he will do his Daddy proud! 

And I am proud to offer him for sale to that someone special that relishes his bloodlines and has dreams and hopes and aspirations for the future of this wonderful colt.

And kudos to TRIBUTE Foal Milk Replacer pellets and what I call "Bucket Milk"(Powder)! Noble was orphaned by his sweet recipient Mom when he was 7 weeks old. His real biological dam, Dream Rubina (Dream of Glory - Rubinstein) has raised him, giving him comfort, strength and discipline. But all the food was Tribute.

Going to be one tall fella!
NOBLE is very intelligent, clear in his mind, with the great temperament that Dream Rubina's foals are known for. 

His conformation is super correct, with nice sized joints, good hooves and strong muscling. 

This is a seriously honest and high quality prospect that I would be proud to see in a good program .

Call me to discuss 
1 800 867-7021

Friday, April 24, 2015

Yancey Farms’ Current Horses For Sale

FRIGGA 4 y.o. (Florencio – Pik Labionics – Manstein – Tin Rocco) lovely, special mare under saddle. Is winning at Training Level with 70% + at recognized shows, ridden/trained by Tyra Vernon of Ocala. At her first Qualifier (Venice, FL.), Frigga and Tyra earned an astounding 8.125 and the rocketed to 2nd in the standings in the 4 y.o. Young Horse Championships. Still holding that place as of April 24, 2015 update. This is a fancy, strong and happy young mare with abounding talent. Judges and spectators both comment on her “tremendous ring presence”. She is uncomplicated, a pleasure to be around and is very beautiful. Currently priced at $40,000

QUITE FEINE 3 y.o. (Qredit – Feiner Stern – Riverman) simply beautiful and correct in her conformation; excellent energy and freedom of movement. A great partner in a medium sized package. She is a great joy to be around. SOLD now started under saddle and just a DOLL!

CHEROKEE MORNING TEMPTATION, aka “Lil Darlin”!! 2015 filly by Tailormade Temptation out of one of my special Kiger x Andalusian cross mares! Don’t let her blood confuse you! She is a wonderful mover and will be a big girl. Updated to say that Lil Darlin has SOLD.

FUERST NOBLE! A 2015 stud colt by the venerable sire FUERST HEINRICH (!) out of my stallion producing mare, DREAM RUBINA (Dream of Glory – Rubinstein), dam of Qredit and other super riding horses.  This is a very special, unique, offering.  Quality and depth of pedigree of this type is precious. here is a short video of NOBLE at 30 days - showing a very well balanced and correct colt - truly stamped by his Oldenburg genetics of Furst Heinrich and Dream of Glory!SOLD

Saturday, January 10, 2015

An early colt born 2015. Sire is RICCIONE

KILLIAN and FIONA are happy to be home!
Bred for the hunter ring, here is a 3 day old colt by Riccione out of "Fiona" (Lassico - Consul ISF). Baby's name is "KILLIAN".

Congratulations to breeder/owner Betsy McDowell. (I don't think Baby Killian is for sale.....)