Sunday, July 12, 2015

SEEKER (Sezuan x Dream Rubina) ET colt

SEEKER, new colt by SEZUAN out of DREAM RUBINA - is SOLD

There is quite a story behind this boy. 

SEEKER at TWO days of age

Last year, for the first time, I decided to offer ET babies, "in utero" from Dream Rubina. In all, there were 4 that I offered; 3 were purchased, but this breeding , by Sezuan, was fetal sexed as a "filly", and callers were somehow disappointed that it was "filly" and not "Colt". I said, "well, you never know. We have been surprised before, and I cannot guarantee that it is filly." Still, no one wanted to jump up for a filly option. So, time passed and I decided I would keep the filly, as I have no Dream Rubina replacement. 

FILLY by Sezuan x Dream Rubina born May 2nd

Yep, you got it! The one that WAS purchased, sexed as a "colt",  was a FILLY! 

I just do not keep colts any longer. 

Seeker 2 days